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Mr. Amit Kumar Gehlot

Senior Designer (Associate Professor)


Discipline Co-lead Foundation Studies

Activity Chairperson Knowledge Management Centre


Mr. Amit Kumar Gehlot

Mr. Amit Kumar Gehlot is a dedicated professional in the field of Art & Design, equipped with a wide range of skills that allow him to effortlessly navigate between technology-driven interfaces and traditional teaching methods deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. With rich and diverse exposure in the realm of Art and Design, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his lectures and teaching assignments. His students benefit greatly from the opportunity to engage with a practitioner, enabling them to learn and grow rapidly. Amit possesses a remarkable ability to explore materials in relation to form and space, uncovering their significance in functional contexts and spatial environments. His teaching approach is firmly rooted in the fundamentals of Geometry, which ensures a scientific, measurable, and timeless perspective. Having taught in various institutions and worked with diverse materials, processes, and programs, Amit possesses the unique advantage of blending different institutional cultures within his teaching practice. He is driven by a desire to find an environment that allows him to apply his years of experience and aspirations, ultimately benefiting aspiring creative students.