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Ms. Suvrata Yadav

Designer (Faculty)


Discipline Co-Lead Foundation Studies

Head International Programs

Activity Vice Chair - Wellness Center


Ms. Suvrata Yadav

An architect and retail designer, Suvrata Yadav is a Faculty in Foundation Studies at NID MP. Within her team, as a faculty and discipline Co-lead, she dedicates herself to enhancing the curriculum and teaching methodologies. She imparts knowledge of design fundamentals and exhibits a strong passion for Geometry. Additionally, she teaches courses on Composition and Environment Perception.

She completed her undergraduate studies in architecture at Uttar Pradesh Technical University. Subsequently, she pursued post-graduate studies in Design at the National Institute of Design, specializing in Retail Experience. Following her experience in the retail, interior, and furniture design industry, she ventured into academia, commencing as a teaching associate at the NID R&D Campus in Bangalore. She taught architecture and design at the Manipal School of Architecture for several years before embarking on her journey at NID MP as one of the founding faculty.

She possesses expertise in materials such as wood, bamboo, and paper. She has conducted training programs on design and skill development, particularly focusing on bamboo and visual merchandising for the state of Madhya Pradesh. She is actively involved in various consultancy projects at the Institute and continues to contribute her insights and knowledge.

Design Education, Design Thinking, Spatial design, and Architectural History are areas of great interest to Suvrata.

The other portfolios assigned to her are Head International Programs and Activity Vice-Chair Wellness Centre.  Notably, she has initiated a hand-made paper lab “Re-Patram” at the institute, which focuses on recycling wastepaper and promoting sustainable practices.