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The one-year Foundation Programme introduces students to the fundamentals of design and helps develop ways of perception, aesthetic sensitivity, understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of design and relationship of design with human senses and emotions, culture, environment and ecology.
Programme is dedicated to enabling the learning and development of extraordinary, innovative leaders, who will bring new levels of creativity, vision, and integrity to the discipline.This extremely diverse programme delivers to develop competitive edge in learners to be industry ready for all mass production-based industry through design.
This is a unique program addressing Textile, fashion, textile based lifestyle accessories and interior designing requirement in its broadest spectrum. The program strikes a balance in the domains of textile product development, and apparel designing. It is deep rooted in scientific processes of textile development and Garment manufacturing technology.
Programme deals with the extreme diversity that lies within the broad spectrum of this discipline. Systems based approach is delivered dealing with the totality of media and messages within the culture or an organization as a singular integrated process.

Design skills are accordingly developed to be customized to specific orientation